Thank you for making this!

How are buttons installed? Only colors change for me but not the buttons.

I think you have to got to


And enable custom buttons

Works for me when I do this. Enjoy!

Also this is theme is so good!


Old-fashioned icons, but not REALLY old. Now "native" panel buttons show up, I wouldn't use it 100%, but it may be the "morning theme" :-)

Fine piece of work, thank you!

eran buenos tiempos, si me gusta (It was a good time, if I like it)

This is really cool! Thank you!

This is super nostalgic. Personally I love the old fashion buttons! LOVE!

Absolutely love this! My main theme for the foreseeable future.

This is a absolute top tier theme! Thanks! The blue was a bit much for me for the tabs, but just changing it to the green instead and it's literally perfect!

Now I just wish I had this for all my other apps!

Thank you! I love it.

i love colors of the theme,thanks!

The good old days!