Sharing your themes

Tell your friends. Heck, even tell your enemies. We’re making the most customizable browser out there. Help them see the light by sharing your themes. Here’s how it works.

  • How do I download a theme?

    Go to the theme page you like and click on Install theme. When you’re on a recent version of Vivaldi (5.0+), you’ll see a live preview of the theme with options to install or discard the theme.

    In case you’re on an older version of Vivaldi or a different browser, you can download the theme as a zip file. To use the ZIP file, in an up-to-date Vivaldi, go to Settings > Themes, click on Open Theme and find the ZIP file.

    For more detailed instructions, please see our Help pages.

  • I don’t see an option to add a downloaded theme.

    Themes from Vivaldi Themes can be used on Vivaldi versions 5.0 and up. If you’re on an older Vivaldi version, please update your browser.

  • How can I share my theme?

    First, export the theme you want to share from Settings > Themes in the browser. Then log in to your Vivaldi account on Vivaldi Themes and go to the Upload page. Fill in the theme details and attach the theme file (zip). For more detailed instructions, please see our Help pages.

    After submitting the theme, Vivaldi team will review and publish it.

  • How long will a theme review take?

    Vivaldi team members review themes daily (excluding weekends and public holidays).

  • Why was my theme rejected?

    Most likely, the theme didn’t follow our Terms of Use or Code of Conduct. You’re welcome to make adjustments to the theme and upload it again.

  • Can I create the theme file myself without exporting it from the browser?

    We strongly recommend using the theme editor in the browser to avoid any issues. But if you’ve familiarized yourself with the theme file setup, you can create new themes by editing the JSON file and compressing it into a ZIP file, together with the background image (if used in the theme).

  • Processing the theme failed. How do I fix it?

    This can happen, for example, when you create the theme file yourself instead of exporting it from the browser. Review the file (compare it with an exported file, for example), fix any issues and upload the theme again.

    Alternatively, the theme file (ZIP) might be too big (due to the background image) or the background image is in an unsupported format. Resize or replace the background image, create a new ZIP file and upload the theme again.

  • Which file formats are accepted for the background image and what's the size limit?

    The background image can be in the following formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEBP.
    The image size should stay below 8MB.

  • Can I use any images in the theme?

    Unfortunately no. You need to be the copyright holder of all images used in the theme, or have permission from the copyright holder to use their images. For example, you can use images that have been shared under an open license.
    In addition, unless you’re the trademark owner or have permission from the owner, images in themes can’t include any trademark logos.

  • I want to report a theme, how do I do that?

    Open the theme page, click on Report (below the preview image). Fill out the form and submit it. Vivaldi team will review the report and make a decision whether to remove or keep the theme.