Really great theme! Easy on the eyes!

How do I get icons, though? My colors have changed, but that is about it.

This very nice, very nostalgic. Love it!

Maravilhoso, o coração chega bateu mais forte aqui de saudade.

Amazing! I was just about to look for Opera 6.06 and Opera 7.12 (I think - the one with the blue-striped background, so unique!)

Awesome! I have a deep longing for this older style of icons, from the era where skeuomorphism prevailed, and today's flat, boring, yet "modern" UI style was nowhere in sight... The only thing I want now is a dark variant of this theme.

Thank you!

As a Opera fan for 15 years, thank you so much!!!

very good but need to be improved for hidpi displays

I like this, thanks a lot.