Beautiful theme

Thank You @RajGohil for your appreciation. You can also request custom themes and we will happily make those too. 😊😊

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Very nice!

Hi, would it be possible to change the color of the border of the search field of the e-mails, from #00000 to light grey #283030 (like the light grey of the comlums in the "details" view)?

At the moment it is very difficult to see the search field(s) around the screen, on laptops, because the difference between black and dark grey is really too small.

I'd really appreciate it! :-D

Thank you, newscpq

Though I am not the right person to guide you with this, but still can you please share a screenshot so that I can better understand your issue and help you back.

Thank You For Using My Theme :) Wishing you clear skies!