It's upside down??

As I said in the theme description - flipped such that the speeddials are less in the way. Also... in space, which way is up?

It seems you also forgot to mention you COMPLETLY ripped it off:

I was wondering who would have rated the original "1" (6 votes, 4.3 total) Now I know

That other theme was posted before this one using the same openly available background image which was all over the news at the time and admired by all space nerds.

I don't think this theme is a rip off off the other one - the other theme has different colors and different transparency & opacity of tab bar and panels

I tried to make the beauty of the cosmic cliffs visible behind the speeddials by flipping of the background image.

Yes I knew the other theme existed, in hindsight I should have added a reference. But I certainly didn't downrate it, not my style. Please don't jump to conclusions. The other theme has 1700 downloads, this one has 70. Ratings are not everything.

my mistake. I didn't click to see where the image was from. I just assumed it was link to deviantart or somewhere that you downloaded, flipped then said "look what I did"