Love the throwback to good ol' Opera :)

It looks hideous and yet so full of nostalgia. Love it! 😄

This is brilliant! Probably because of the nostaligia, I feel a stronger personal attachment to those 90s icons than to modern plain icons.

Beautiful! :)

Goodness gracious does this bring back some memories from the old family XP computer I grew up with. Kudos for the design


I like it, I use it ;) One request/recommendation only - there is no visual hint when stacking tabs with the mouse.

I mean, it's too subtle :)

I love it! :-)

I didn't know how much I missed good, old, colorful icons like these ones. Now I know again what icon means what, lol. I only changed these bright colours to dark ones.

Windows XP = nostalgia

me recuerda a windows xp, ojala sigan trayendo nuevos iconos y temas, se ven geniales. reminds me of windows xp, I hope they keep bringing new icons and themes, they look great.

oh my god this is so perfect. i literally have a windows xp thing going on on my pc as-is


These colorful icons are so much better than the monochrome ones used nowadays

I love this theme. I can quickly identify icons at a glance. If someone could make back/forward/home/reload icons in a more cartoony style to match the other icons it would be perfect.

good theme! i miss the old, beautiful icons...

The best theme ever! Period. I almost wept when I saw detailed colorful old school icons. It warms my heart. Today's minimalistic user interfaces are horrible. Windows XP was a design masterpiece.