Nice, calming, immersive, way better than mines. definitely going to be my no. 1 theme for productivity in Vivaldi.

Hey I love this theme but the tabs are not being well differentiated so can u fix that pls?

Really nice theme. Only the active tab definitely needs a better highlight color. When having multiple tabs of the same page (which means all of them have the same favicon) it's hard to tell which Tab is the currectly active/selected one.

A slight color tweak for the selected tab should be live soon.

Ah I see, highlight color forces changes in other bars, too. Even though they are welcome to stay darker. Anyway, thanks for the update. Increased my voting from 4 to 5 stars.

A very soothing theme.

Very nice theme. Sleek and minimal, with a little visual flair going on in the tab bar and panel with the blurred background. Well done!

Love this theme!

grande paisagismo verde dá limpa e linda natureza relaxante visão do inicio do navegador