hey just a quick feedback, the background and the body text could use some more contract for better readability, love the colour combinations tho!

just contrast could be improved.

Hey, there's something very familiar about that background image :)

Everything looks good bro, except the contrast. At this point it looks like everything is a blur.

this would be my ideal theme if the font colour and contrast issues were resolved. thanks!

This looks amazing. Is there any chance that I could somehow get my hands on the background image file. I would love to add a slight blur filter to it and then set the unnblurred original file as my desktop wallpaper giving me the illusion of transparency. Great job.

@Genre Thanks!

  • The info panel to the right of the theme preview above has an item called "Image Source". That is a link to where I got the background image.
  • You can also install the theme, and then export it from Vivaldi settings, and the resulting ZIP file will contain the image with a name like "background.jpeg"/".png". Helpful for themes that don't include an image source.

Thank you for everyone who mentioned the contrast. This theme was for the icon set creation contest, so I chose colors that I felt made the icons fit the look I was going for. The icons also look nice in teal, which might help the contrast for some people.

You can adjust the theme's colors or change the background as needed, but I will probably leave it as is because I like how it showcases the icons in its current state. This theme will always have somewhat poor contrast because of the neon glow effect that I added to the icons. It makes the edges of the icons blurry, so it isn't ideal for making the icons look distinct from one another.

@nomadic Thanks for the reply and have a good day.